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Leica TS02 Plus 3" R500 with Bluetooth

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State-of-the-art simplicity with the standard-keyboard and the high resolution black & white display. 

  • Low number of operating elements, whose functions are immediately apparent 
  • At-a-glance viewing on the largest high-resolution display in its class 
  • Optimally suited to new users and all those on the construction site who do not use the instrument daily 

Best-in-class Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM). With PinPoint EDM, FlexLine plus delivers the optimal balance of range, accuracy, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time. 

  • Work intuitively with the new Leica FlexField plus onboard software.
  • Low learning curve due to guided workflows.
  • Easy to understand graphics and icons.
  • Icons to quickly verify instrument status.
  • Faster operation due to graphics which make the interpretation of measurement values or text no longer necessary.

Package includes the following: 

  • TS02plus 3" R500 Reflectorless Total Station, simple numeric standard keyboard with black&white display, RS-232 interface, laser plummet, Quick Guide and container with protective cover, lens hood and cleaning cloth. 
  • GSD04, Communication Sidecover.
  • 2nd simple numeric keyboard, b&w display, face II.
  • Tribrach GDF111-1 BASIC, without optical plummet, pale green.
  • GEB221, Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/4.4Ah, rechargeable. 
  • GKL211, Charger BASIC, for Li-Ion batteries GEB221 and GEB211, car adapter cable and net adapter included. 
  • FlexOffice Standard Software, basic functionality for FlexLine instruments. (Node-Locked License).

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