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Hydrone RCV Portable Remote Control Survey Boat

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Hydrone-RCV Portable, Remote Control Survey Boat with Autonomous Option
The HyDrone-RCV is a hand-portable, remotely controlled catamaran platform developed for bathymetric survey applications. Working in conjunction with the HydroLite-TM portable echosounder kit, the HyDrone-RCV accomplishes the same results as more expensive RC survey systems. The lightweight, wide profile and watertight construction provide stability, ruggedness and portability. It is manufactured from high quality marine grade materials and components and easily disassembles for transport and shipping.

Work environments include mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, harbors and rivers. Remote control access of the survey boat is easy using a high-power remote control system that offers up to 2 km range with a survey endurance of over four miles on a single battery pack.

2 x 1.2m catamaran pontoon hulls
Cross frame
(2) 12V DC shrouded thrusters
Handheld remote control unit
12V battery bank and battery charger
Custom-fit portable shipping case
1 year standard warranty
Lifetime support

Instrumentation Options:
Sound Velocity Profiler (SVP)
Radio Telemetry
Side Scan Sonar Module
HYPACK Software
AutoNav™ Auto Pilot Module with Mission Planner Application on PC Laptop.

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